Veg box week 1


On Friday, I went to pick up my first veg box from Locavore. Veg boxes are seasonal produce grown from Locavore’s farms, as well as other local organic farms. Each week I will pay £5 and will receive something different.

I have been researching farmers markets in Glasgow for a while, but couldn’t find anything conclusive or satisfactory. Since I live close to Locavore, I decided to trust fate and subscribe to a veg box.

This means that I don’t get to choose what I am given; I simply have to make do with what I receive. This pleases me, as it will enable me to discover new vegetables, think up new recipes, and explore my culinar-adventurous side. Certainly in a few weeks, when my work load will have cranked up, I will be damning the kohlrabi or cabbage I’ll receive. But for now, I plan to have a great week of fun dinners.

And obviously, I like knowing my food doesn’t have any air miles; that I am supporting local farmers; that setting up a direct debit means I don’t produce receipts; that I can bring the plastic bag back next time; that I walk to Locavore and back…

This week, I received potatoes, carrots, a cabbage, onions, and sprouting broccoli.

Advertisements and the public space

Perhaps a little off-topic, but here’s a video (in French only – hopefully the English-speaking world will make a translated one soon) about what’s happening with about 3000 advert boards in Geneva’s streets.

Let us not forget

  1. the role adverts play in encouraging a consumerist society.
  2. how much trash is generated by the advertisement industry


“We are used to seeing extremely simple messages that impose a life model with a big car, a big salary… So this is both a critique of commercial advertisements and a proposition of reinvesting into the public space, in dialogue with its citizens.”

Some of the messages on the boards:

“Less (images of a tank) in 2017 and more (images of a smiling person and someone on a bike)”

“More ❤ for the Earth”

“When publicity isn’t here, the brain danses”

“We feel better without mental/visual pollution!”

“Mirror, mirror, tell me who has the most material goods!”