Iced tea


Where I work, we make iced teas. We make mean iced tea.

At home, I have one type of tea, Christmas tea I brought back from home last winter. I have been meaning to go to a tea shop and stock up on herbal tea since I finished my packets a while ago, but it’s not up there on my list of priorities.

When it was really hot a while back, I was craving a really cold, fresh drink, and made my own batch of iced tea. It reminded me of the craze I witnessed when I was in Montreal in 2015 for David’s Tea iced tea sets, where you could buy tea that is specifically aimed at being cooled. Anyway, this bottle also comes from work – it used to contain Sriracha sauce.

I think the right type of iced tea would be a lovely summer drink to bring to a friend’s lunch or dinner.



We had a few days of heat and that morning I had run out of bread and did not feel like hot porridge. I had one banana left and was struck by the coolest idea of the week: smoothie.

I never make smoothies because I can’t anticipate the reward enough to care, and will happily just eat fruit as it is. BUT. This smoothie is banana / soya milk / honey / peanut butter – and we all know how I feel about peanut butter. It is DELISH. I made the smoothie, poured it into a jar, and hopped on my bike to work.

I bought these two croissants from the supermarket and carried them to the cashier, holding them in one hand and handing over a few coins with the other. No one cared.  I ate in the grass, drank my milky liquid, and went to work. BREAKFAST RULES!

Shampoo jar

Since this summer I have been washing my hair with Lush shampoo bars. I like them. I think there are better options out there but haven’t delved into the research yet to find out what they are.

So when I went to Lush a few weeks ago to buy my stock, I brought a jar along with me so I could slip them inside and walk out of that store without a packet. Lo and behold… My jar was too small. I had no spare textile item and lots of jingly things in my bike pannier, so reluctantly accepted the paper packet and sticker the sales attendant gave me.


Now in my cupboard they fit nicely in another jar (Bonne Maman!), with which I will go shampoo shopping in the future.



I’ve been given a few food items recently and I’m not at Bea Johnson’s stage of refusing medals from mayors  and refusing even the smallest of gifts is difficult. So I accept and guiltily eat away.

To anyone who has been living zero-waste for a long time, I’m sure it’s easy peasy to refuse things like the above. But for me, it is so counter-intuitive and against everything I have ever learnt – to refuse a gift (and especially a gift to me as a host) (and especially food).

I tell myself that I’m still a newbie and still transitioning relatively quietly i.e. not shouting about it on the rooftops, therefore it’s up to me to make the decision of when to alert people to my lifestyle.