Pottery classes and clay re-use

For a few weeks, I have been attending pottery classes at Fireworks Studios, in Glasgow. It’s been a lovely experience, we’re a really concentrated crew so there is little talk as we each work on our throwing. It’s very difficult but also very satisfying, and like with learning any new skill, it kind of whacks you in front of yourself and your fears and desires. I personally get immensely frustrated and impatient, and then berate myself for being too demanding and not knowing how to enjoy things…. So as well as learning pottery, I am trying to learn to calm down and take things slow.


I am writing about this on here because I am amazed at how no single piece of clay is wasted. All the clay gets re-used. The wet clay, the dry clay, it all gets put back in adequate places where it can get wet again or stay wet… And then kept there until it’s needed again.

Notwithstanding this element of the class, it also makes me reflect on the idea of adding more objects to the world, and on the objects I own. How to love them, how to preserve them, why I love them, do I love them? I would love to live in a place where everything I own is loved, because of aesthetics or function or memory. I’m still young and moving about, so I have a lot of IKEA crockery and bedsheets, but eventually when these need replacing I would love to start investing in beautiful objects that will last. I have a wish list of pottery and jewellery items I like, which I keep looking at every so often in case, you know, my salivary glands need exercising.

Also if you like pottery check these Instagram accounts out (UK potters only so far):

Glasgow based Mariella Verkerk

Glasgow based Jono Smart

Berkshire based Luke Eastop

London based Tom Kemp

London based Elliott Ceramics




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