We had a few days of heat and that morning I had run out of bread and did not feel like hot porridge. I had one banana left and was struck by the coolest idea of the week: smoothie.

I never make smoothies because I can’t anticipate the reward enough to care, and will happily just eat fruit as it is. BUT. This smoothie is banana / soya milk / honey / peanut butter – and we all know how I feel about peanut butter. It is DELISH. I made the smoothie, poured it into a jar, and hopped on my bike to work.

I bought these two croissants from the supermarket and carried them to the cashier, holding them in one hand and handing over a few coins with the other. No one cared.  I ate in the grass, drank my milky liquid, and went to work. BREAKFAST RULES!


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