Catch up

Well, this was to be anticipated. I knew once my workload would increase that this blog would be hard to upkeep – but fear not, it is not forgotten.

When my friends ask me if this transition is difficult, my answer hasn’t really changed since month 3: easy transitions at the beginning (soap; bulk; fruit; veg; liquids) and hard ones later on (WHAT DO YOU SNACK ON WHEN YOU HAVE 1 MINUTE IN BETWEEN MEETINGS AND YOU KNOW YOU WILL HAVE A SUGAR SLUMP UNLESS YOU EAT SOMETHING SWEET AND THERE IS NOTHING ON HAND, NO SHOP WITH BULK BINS, AND YOU HAD NOT ANTICIPATED THIS MISERABLE MOMENT???)

Recently I have been feeling quite proud because most ingredients I am using are now from a package-free source and (nearly) entire home-made meals are made from ingredients purchased without packaging.

Example 1:


Oh well, hello gnocchi. You look nice today. Why, aren’t you made of potatoes (tick), eggs (tick) and flour? Sadly no tick for the flour as there is no reasonable non packaged flour source – I’m ignoring the flour bins at Locavore because they are just too pricey for me.

Example 2:


Did someone say home-made chocolate chip cookies? YAS.

Made of: butter, sugar, eggs (tick), oats, (tick), backing soda (tick), baking powder, flour, chocolate, salt….. Okay, perhaps not the best example here. Once again, baking powder and chocolate I can find in Edinburgh, I simply haven’t been back to stock up in a while.

I probably won’t be posting for a while, as I will be too busy eating cookies and watching Gilmore Girls.

Ciao for now x


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