Friends and waste

Since starting this blog nearly three months ago, I have undertaken several lifestyle changes. Most of them are private – in the sense that they don’t have an impact on my flatmates, friends and family. I have made all my changes discreetly and no one would have noticed, had I not told a few friends about it. The people I interact with in bakeries, supermarkets or local shops might think me a bit odd, but I don’t justify my actions or explain why I am behaving differently from other people (such as holding up a queue of frustrated customers at supermarket self-checkouts because I have to weigh 14 types of fruit and veg).

This reluctance to speak about my zero waste goal might come from wanting to fit in, or being reluctant to stand out (please read WaitButWhy’s post on Why We Should Stop Caring What Other People Think), from wanting to be everyone’s friend, from a slight feeling of doubt (am I doing this to be different? to be better? to be cool?) or shame (am I a brainless sheep following a trendy lifestyle? why did it take me so long to start this?).

But it also comes from not wanting to dictate how other people lead their lives. As I said previously, I don’t want to go into a house and start pointing out all the ways someone could change the way they consume. I have always hated that type of attitude and find it very un-constructive, invasive and aggressive.

Most of the time for the last three months, I’ve been privately leading this lifestyle without hiccups (or any hiccups are entirely mine), doing research, looking into alternatives, learning new ways of buying, eating, doing things and thinking.

A difficult part of the zero-waste lifestyle, therefore (apart from learning to be prepared 100% time), has been the good will of other people. I’ll be posting about this soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your day, wherever you are.

















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