Advertisements and the public space

Perhaps a little off-topic, but here’s a video (in French only – hopefully the English-speaking world will make a translated one soon) about what’s happening with about 3000 advert boards in Geneva’s streets.

Let us not forget

  1. the role adverts play in encouraging a consumerist society.
  2. how much trash is generated by the advertisement industry


“We are used to seeing extremely simple messages that impose a life model with a big car, a big salary… So this is both a critique of commercial advertisements and a proposition of reinvesting into the public space, in dialogue with its citizens.”

Some of the messages on the boards:

“Less (images of a tank) in 2017 and more (images of a smiling person and someone on a bike)”

“More ❤ for the Earth”

“When publicity isn’t here, the brain danses”

“We feel better without mental/visual pollution!”

“Mirror, mirror, tell me who has the most material goods!”


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