Demain (Tomorrow) documentary

It took me a while, but I have finally watched Demain (2015), the film by Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurent. This documentary about climate change looks not at the worst that could happen, but instead focuses on the positive changes already happening across the world. It feels very different to Before the Flood as it’s much more about the local and national initiatives taken in various places.

Watch the trailer here.

A few important quotes:


“Why I do this is because it’s important to figure out how you make it work, as an alternative to going on to the next place. Because there are no next places.” Ashley Atkinson, co-director of Keep Growing Detroit (Detroit, USA)


“When people ask us how can you afford to become carbon neutral, how can you afford to become green, I have to say how can you afford not to? Look at the world around us. There is no alternative than going green. But what I see is that cities want to do this work. Cities want to become carbon neutral. I see cities as world leaders today. Where nations fail, cities apparently have to take over.” Morten Kabell, mayor in charge of urban planification and environment (Copenhagen, Denmark)

You can watch the documentary here – it’s in French but most interviews are in English.



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