What choices did you make today?

Every day, we make choices.

It is up to us to take stock of the choices we make every day. Will you take the bus, or will you bike? Will you help a friend or will you not? Will you make something a priority, or tell yourself you are too busy?

Will you plan ahead and go grocery shopping, or will you spend all day watching NPR Tiny Desk Concerts? And therefore run out of food to prep for your day out and buy lunch? Will you buy chocolates on the go, because your sweet tooth is having a party and wants some friends? Will you buy a sandwich on the go, because your tummy is wailing like a 2 year old?

The choices you make on the spot are generally due to choices you have made earlier in the process that is life.

So to go zero-waste involves quite a lot of forward planning. I am finding this quite hard at the moment.


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