A Bar of Soap


When I saw 1976’s Carrie (probably around the age of 12), I remember asking my father (who would always pause a movie when we asked questions) why she would wash her hair with a bar of soap, and if people really did that.

With hindsight, I’m like: HONESTLY?? That was the question I asked??

Anyway, what a bloody introduction to this post! Can you see it in the image, the small green soap in her hand?

About two months ago, I started using a bar of soap too. I always thought people who used soap, bicarbonate of soda, or no-poo were total hippies – tee heeeeeee, how life can throw your prejudices back in your face! I really like the process of using a bar of soap to lather up my hair, and how I use it over my body as well. I like that it’s now my go-to product, that I don’t have to think about buying new shampoo, don’t have to figure out which shampoo works for me because I found one that does, which chemicals I’m putting down the drain, that it lasts me a long time, etc.

Oh yeah, and that is doesn’t produce trash. This soap is simply wunderBAR!



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