Well, today’s been pretty awesome already.

I went to the Christmas Market at Mount Florida Studios at 11am on the dot – I wanted to buy a wooden spoon from Object Company. I ended up buying this handmade ceramic bowl from Mariella. I had been looking for a fruit bowl for a while, and didn’t want to buy something cheap and cheaply made, that I would leave behind without blinking. My Fruit Bowl Antennas weren’t on at all when I approached her stall. She had some beautiful cups and plates, and then towards the back, some bigger bowls… I fell in love when I saw it.


It will stay with me for years.

I also… have an empty glass bottle – vinegars and oils, here I come! Although all the Glasgow-based coops have outrageous prices for oils… And the EU ban on bulk olive oil might be a barrier to breach… I can now properly look at options, seeing as I have an adequate recipient to put it in.


And finally, my lunch (roast veg, kidney beans, parmesan and egg – don’t judge, I’m busy as a bee at the moment) was NEARLY package-free.

  • egg: TICK
  • veg: TICK
  • kidney beans: TICK
  • salt: nope (although when this packet of salt ends, I’ll get some at the bulk bins)
  • olive oil: nope (see above)
  • parmesan: wrapperrrrrr – bought some other cheeses without packaging but the parmesan was already wrapped.

SOON, I will have a package-free meal!


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