Eggstatic and eggcellent

Today I went to buy eggs. I couldn’t resist making a few puns.

Because I’m punny.

(Not even my joke).

Anyway! As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on full baking mode. Hence the butter chat, and hence today’s egg chat.

This is the last egg box I bought in September, three months ago. I’ve been going to Locavore since then to buy my unpackaged eggs. And also, those eggs are from Locavore’s happy chickens who live locally.

I bring my box, open it up, grab an egg, place it in one of the 12 alcoves, and repeat until the box is full.

Today I also bought soya milk for tomorrow’s lunch recipe, and realised I hadn’t bought soya milk since September either, and had managed without (I use water to cook my porridge, and water in my crêpes – it makes them way lighter and doesn’t affect the taste). I therefore pulled this little tin out of my cupboard and made myself a delicious chai.


When this box is finished, I’ll be able to go to Tchai-Ovna and get a refill of their famous Yogi Yogi Chai blend.



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