When making a meal involves waste


Yesterday a friend came over to have lunch. I knew what I wanted to make (a yummy butternut squash, red lentil and coconut soup) and went out to buy the ingredients. I bought package-free curry powder and red lentils (and hand soap, which our flat needed) but the remaining ingredients all had packaging:

  • coconut milk came in a can
  • butternut squash has a sticker on it
  • veg bouillon comes in a cardboard box and individually wrapped in foil
  • I also bought butter because hello, it’s baking time. Winter has come and Seasonal Affective Disorder is a thing.

So I guess this picture and moment of reflection begs to ask:

  • how do I get these items package-free?
  • if I can’t get them package-free, how do I cook without these items?
  • what about all my family recipes which require these ingredients and make me feel happy and fuzzy inside? Should I instead have chosen a recipe that didn’t use these ingredients? Should I tailor my diet to the zero waste cause?

And lo and behold, that is the most important question to ask oneself, and the beginning of a personal relationship to food and vegetarianism, veganism and zero waste lifestyle.

But that is for another post.


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