Package-free bread


Look at this guy. I mean, really. What a beautiful item of food.

I used to buy cheap toast bread (Sainsbury’s 80p wholemeal loaf, anyone?) wrapped in plastic. For the past two years, I stopped doing this, because I didn’t feel I was getting any nutritional satisfaction.

I’ve moved to a flat that has a bakery 1 minute away and now buy bread intermittently from them. Yes, it is more expensive. But it’s worth it when you hear the crunch of the bread crust. Remember Ratatouille?

They still think I’m completely bonkers because I refuse packaging. I do feel there’s a bit of dread that fills the room when I enter: “it’s that complicated weirdo again”. But, they’re slowly warming up to me! And soon I won’t need to ask, they’ll just hand it over to me. When they hire a new person they’ll have to tell them about the regulars: “that guy takes three sugars with his coffee; this woman wants her croissant warmed; Jenny likes pouring cream, not whipped cream with her cake”. For me they’ll say: “the woman that walks in half-asleep with a huge woollen jumper doesn’t want packaging”, and that will be that.


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