Peanut butter love

My relationship to peanut butter is quite intense. It’s probably on par with my relationship to:

  • brownies, tarte au citron meringuée, Merano cake – but those require minimum 40 mins of prep. Sometimes one can’t wait that long.
  • tomatoes: quick, satisfying, flavoursome, my go-to “I can’t be bothered to cook” meal – but hello, who am I kidding?
  • chocolate: adequate parallel.

If peanut butter were a person, I would lick its face. If it were a city, I’d get to know every little café in it so that I can spend my days there, reading and eating in a palace of cosiness. If it were a movie, it would make me laugh, cry, and think. I mean, how many strips did Bill Watterson dedicate to peanut butter in Calvin and Hobbes? He’s a pretty good barometer on all matters.


My brother and I both follow this ritual religiously.

Basically peanut butter, to a certain degree, makes me happy.

I’m not really a peanut butter snob. I grew up on Skippy and health food alternatives, depending on what my mother felt like. I once finished half a pot of Skippy by the teaspoon watching TV – and I still love it. Minstrels did not survive that test. Here in the UK, I have been enjoying supermarket brands, Whole Earth, Meridian (especially their 1kg pot), etc.

To adapt to the zero waste lifestyle, I need to find a way to acquire non packaged peanut butter. There used to be a nut grinder in Grassroots, Woodlands Road, but that is now closed. Wholefoods’ nut grinders are currently unavailable (they keep us sane by saying they will be back).

Thankfully, The New Leaf Coop in Edinburgh has a nut grinder. I went on their website and when I saw this:


I booked my train tickets. I got a jar of cashew butter and another of peanut butter the next day.

The cashew butter was alright, not my favourite.

The peanut butter was gone in 4 days.



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