Food haul #1

img_6444The picture above is from the 3rd of October. I was intent on making this butternut squash, goat’s cheese and rosemary tarte tatin. Hence the goat’s cheese, pastry and rosemary. Using bulk options at Wholefoods, Giffnock to get some oats and some (devilish) banana chips.


This is a picture from today’s haul. In wrapping is:

  • butter: how am I going to get package-free butter ever??
  • spices: since my last move I didn’t have any spices and was making do without. I decided to buy some again and thus have recipients for future refills.
  • peanut butter: I’ll write a post soon about peanut butter. It’s that important to me.
  • coconut butter: I can’t foresee a bulk coconut butter option now or in the future, so I bought the biggest glass jar of it, which will last me a while. I will re-use the jar.
  • sunflower seed paste: received as a gift.
  • AMAZING Hazelnut Fuj spread by Almighty Foods. Probably deserves a whole post.
  • Honey. Will find a solution soon.

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